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Rich Printing-Growth

The company was involved in the printing industry in 2001, and then changed its name to Dongguan Fengxu Paper Products Co., Ltd. in 2009, referred to as Rich Paper Products. Fengxu paper products covers an area of more than 15,000 square meters, with professional and technical personnel, management and sales staff of more than 120 people, including R & D team and quality inspection team up to 8 people.


Fengxu Printing-Quality Assurance
Provide one-stop quick printing services for creative design, quality printing, and post-press processing; 5 major production links in one go, 17 processes are strictly controlled; fast delivery, expedited shipment within 24 hours; we have set up a skilled technician The production team is specially responsible for the production of supporting products that require craftsmanship, such as book covers, hand-bound books, spelling books, creative books, and game or activity teaching kits.


Fengxu Printing-Free Design Proofing
According to your needs, tailor-made your product packaging solution for free; use environmentally friendly raw materials, industry-leading printing equipment, batch printing; low order quantity of products, delivery within 7 days.



Fengxu printing-professional production capacity

With modern workshops, advanced printing presses, fully computerized Heidelberg, high-speed Komori machines, fully computerized Komori machines; Liangming Liyou ratio; more than 30 workers with more than 12 years of experience, more than 80 workers with more than 8 years; domestic automated production lines , Riding book dragon, plastic dragon, hardcover dragon, handmade box production line and other professional production capabilities.


Fengxu printing-perfect service system
Has a number of folio computer high-speed printing presses for external processing, professional special materials processing and printing; post-processing complete multiple lines for open processing; high-quality products, reasonable prices, punctual, fast and efficient value-added services



Fengxu printing-logistics, home delivery
It can be delivered by car in Dongguan city, which really solves the urgent needs of users. Heavily invested to build an independent logistics distribution system, including one-stop delivery services for product packaging, loading, and shipping, which solves the problem of slow delivery of ordinary logistics express platforms, reduces customer logistics costs, and greatly improves distribution efficiency.
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