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How to calculate the number of P-printed papers?

Quotation for album printing, the P number and paper of the album are the key. This is a bit strange to the layman, but it is very simple. Let me share with you how to calculate the P number and paper of the album.
      First, the specifications of printed paper. The printing paper used in the printing industry can be mainly divided into two categories, one is large printing paper, and the other is positive printing paper. Under normal circumstances, Dadu paper is started with the English letter A, while positive paper is usually started with the English letter B. For example, A3, A4, A5 and B3, B4, and B5 refer to Dadu respectively. Printing paper and justice printing paper.
      Second, the grams of paper. The gram of printing paper referred to here refers to the weight of the paper. Generally, the first case refers to the weight and gram of printing paper whose length and width are each one meter. Many people are also used to calling it the weight of printed paper.
      Third, the number of printed sheets. Many people are also willing to call the opening number of printing paper as the specification of the paper. A large printing paper should be called a full-open paper, which can be cut into several copies, and we will make it a few open papers. This idea mainly refers to Paper size and size.
      Through the above three explanations, I can respond to the P number of album printing in detail next time. For more album design, album printing, and album printing quotes, please contact Dongguan Kyeye Printing Factory for consultation.
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