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Album imposition printing and album printing

When the album was printed, many customers had heard of imposition printing and special printing, and did not know what was going on. Let me share it with you:
The imposition printing of albums refers to the printing of different album contents of multiple customers on one plate.
Advantages: Multiple customers share the printing cost of the same version, and printing of leaflets can save printing costs;
Disadvantages: A variety of different albums are printed together, and the colors required for different albums cannot be followed when printing, and the color cast is large.
Special edition printing refers to a different album for each client, which is printed on a special plate and printed on a separate machine;
Advantages: Independent printing according to the customer's required printing color, small color deviation and guaranteed color effect;
Disadvantages: Separate plate-making printing, bearing the printing costs separately, the cost price is high.
The difference between album printing and album printing
Q: What is the difference between plate printing and imposition printing?
A: Special edition printing, a company's printed matter is printed separately; the color is stable and consistent, faster, better quality, suitable for more demanding printing.
Imposition printing, a large plate is printed with many companies of the same quantity and size to print; the color difference is very large, cutting will also be inaccurate, compared to the special edition, the price is cheap but the quality cannot be guaranteed.
Q: Can special edition printing guarantee color?
A: Yes. The special edition printing is a spot color printing. It is not necessary to balance the colors of other printed products, which can ensure the color stability and consistency.
Q: The display of each computer is different, so the screen display will also be different. Can the special printing guarantee that no color difference will appear?
A: Yes. If the printing requirements are very high, customers can choose to follow the sample printing, so that there will be no color error due to different screen display.
Q: How long can the special edition print be shipped?
A: Compared to imposition printing, special printing does not need to wait for other printed products, so it has faster delivery and guaranteed time.
Q: The requirements on paper are very strict. Can special edition printing guarantee paper quality?
A: Yes. For special edition printing, customers can freely choose the paper material according to the requirements of their own printed products.
Q: How about the price of special edition printing?
A: Since the special edition printing is to print a company's prints separately, the price will be higher than the imposition, but the quality is guaranteed, which is suitable for the prints with high requirements.
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